Job Vs. Business Review, Which Is Best?

Job Vs. Business Review, Which Is Best?

Oh, well, this is a very common question Job Vs. Business, Which Is Best?. Everyone has this question in their mind because they are totally confused. If you go for a job, after some time you will feel that business is better. Vice versa if you go for business, after some unsuccessful attempts, you will feel that a job is better.

It all depends on your passion & love towards work. If you want to be financial freedom, only choice is business. If you want to be settled in life, fear to fail, don’t want to take any risks then go for a job. It’s up to you what to choose I am Giving an example, that you can relate both job and business. 

job vs business


For better understanding  read this chart:



  • You cannot choose your working time.
  • you can choose your working time.
  • Earning with limits
  • Earning without limits
  • Slow growth depending upon the boss
  • Fast growth depending upon yourself
  • Boss decides when to work
  • You decide when to work
  • Risks are not involved
  • Risk is involved
  • fewer opportunities to learn and grow
  • Many opportunities to learn and grow


Which is the Better Option – Getting A Job or Starting Your Own Business?

After starting Job:



A job is any work which is performed in exchange for money and similar benefits.

1. FINANCIAL: If you have a good employer you get a safe monthly income like 10k to 2 lac a month depending on your skills and knowledge.

2. RESPECT: Which depends on what you have a high designation or a brand to associate with.

3. WORKING: You work for fix hours at times over time also, you might get paid or not paid for overtime. You will be working your whole life thinking of retirement

4. SETTLING: You can get a girl at an early age to marry seeing a secure future.

5. PERSONAL EXPERIENCES: You may have a great personal life or may not depending on a job you may or may not be able to afford good food, traveling to favorite destinations, etc. You will meet people related to your job only.

6. LEARNING: It will depend on what you work and what are your KRA and KPI

7. DEPENDENCY: You are depended on your employer for everything, your salary, your growth, your leaves everything.



After starting Business:



The willingness to start a new venture keeping in mind the risk and difficulties in order to make a profit is Business, or when someone identifies an opportunity and converts them into a viable process.

1. FINANCIALS: You will struggle like anything for 1/- or penny in initial days and once you get stable you can hire an employee for 10k to 2 lakh a month.

2. RESPECT: In initial days you will be insulted, criticized and all the dirt will be thrown on you, once you get stable people will bow down to you and will be dying to meet you.

3. WORKING: I am working like you can say 20 hours a day for last 2 years by now, there is no fix timing I always have something or other pending. Once I get the business stable I can have staff to do it.

4. SETTLING: There is no fix time of success at the age of 30 I am single because I don’t have a secure future as for the people

5. PERSONAL EXPERIENCES: No personal life, haven’t traveled out of town for a couple of years, all my hobbies got killed. Living in stress. Once I get it built I will do what I am not doing right now. I am meeting people who I haven’t met ever in life and they are dying to meet me.

6. LEARNING: Being an MBA commerce guy I had never learned the Digital Marketing, Content Writing, the codes you need for websites, etc. I can deal with Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Little technical, Learned the research, Lead Generation, Hiring, Recruitment, Understanding people, manipulating them, etc.

7. DEPENDENCY: I need only one person permission to do anything, I want to do that is me. The money I make depends on how much I work till I have a staff. Once I get a staff. you can understand.

My Review:

Which is better: a job or a business?

It all depends upon what kind of lifestyle you would like.

If you like being a workaholic and wouldn’t mind working extra hours and making sacrifices then go for business.

If you want a balanced and happy life and you aren’t concerned about money, then, by all means, go for a job.


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